Pathways to Independence

We provide an integrated package of services to asylum seeking young people, from point of arrival in the UK through the transition to independence.

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Pathways to Independence is a leading provider of Accommodation, Support and Training services for young people leaving care and seeking asylum. Pathways has worked with Local Authority care teams for over 10 years, helping over 300 young people make the transition into independence.

We underpin the delivery of all our services with the 5 Every Child Matters objectives, working for a better future for young people. With our accredited Independent Living Skills Training programmes, Person-centred practices, Co-Production and Outcomes approach, we create bespoke support options for young people, encouraging empowerment and long term independence.

Oday's Story

Oday is a young person at Pathways to Independence


How We Work

Our service outcomes have been developed using a co-production method.

The underlying principle of co-production is that people’s needs are better met when they are involved in a more equal and reciprocal relationship with professionals and others, working together to get things done. The people who most rely on PTI services tend to be those who are most disempowered by the current systems. Transforming services by applying the key features of co-production offers the prospect of substantially improving outcomes for them.

Our Outcomes

We support young people at risk of experiencing poor outcomes and have a proven track record of success using outcomes tools such as Outcome Star, Accredited Pre-Tenancy Training Awards.

Young people leave our service more prepared for Independence than when they entered it. Our key working sessions use SMART goals and we use Individual Action Plans with targets set by the young people to ensure all our work is informed by the wishes of the young person and they can easily track their own progress.

Young people tell us the outcomes that matter most to them are that they feel safe; have increased social connections; feel valued and have a sense of belonging in a community and have increased self-confidence and agency. All our work is focused on supporting young people to achieve these goals.

Short film by internationally recognised photojournalist Howard Davies

Refugees and asylum seekers, including young people at Pathways to Independence, relate their stories of escaping conflict and finding sanctuary in the UK


Get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in our work. We are always looking for skilled enthusiastic people to volunteer their time, from fundraising to working directly with young asylum seekers.

We run a volunteer mentoring project that has been co-designed with young refugees and aims to increase self-confidence and sense of belonging as part of a community by increasing young refugees social connections in Croydon

If you would like to find out more about how you can support young refugees and asylum seekers please contact us

"The country I come from is a beautiful place, but let me tell you one thing about that place. Every time I remember my country I cry, and all the bad memories flow like a river in my head, and I find it hard to control myself. But always, at Pathways, I have some people who were there for me."

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