Vision, Values, Aims

Statement of Purpose

PTI UK provide an integrated package of services for young people in care and young people seeking asylum aged 16 to 25, from point of arrival in the UK through their transition to independence.

The overall aim of Pathways is to assist young people make the transition into adult life and society, and to make positive choices about their lives;in particular: independent living, education, training and work opportunities and decisions relating to their asylum journey.

Our overarching objective is a better future for young people. One Future Different Pathways

Vision, Values, Aims


Our vision is of a world in which all young people are able to fulfil their potential and makes positive, informed decisions about their lives as they make the transition to adult life.


Potential – We believe that all young people are capable of and should be empowered to realise their goals, fulfil their potential, and choose their pathway to independence.

People – We believe that all young people should have equality of opportunity, whoever they are and whatever their background.

Participation – We promote young people’s agency and recognise the positive impact they can have on their communities


To support young people to make the transition to independence and empower them to make positive choices about their lives by:

  • Providing flexible, safe, and caring home environments for young people through offering supported housing within areas where their educational, employment, training, health and leisure needs are met.
  • Facilitating young people’s development of independent living skills through one-to-one and group sessions.
  • Offering personal support for young people by providing information, advice, and brokering access to services based on an assessment of their individual, cultural, learning, and social needs.
  • Enabling young people to make informed choices about their future on the basis of full information and realistic expectations of the options available to them.

To enable young people’s inclusion and participation in their communities by:

  • Working in partnership with other agencies to deliver effective support services and building links between young people and other voluntary and community groups
  • Facilitating opportunities for young people to participate in decision making and positively contribute to their communities.
  • Informing and supporting young people to realise their rights and entitlements and responsibilities
  • Adopting a dynamic and responsive approach to meeting the needs of young people and Local Authorities.

To collaborate with young people and other organisations to positively influence local and national policy and practice by:

  • Raising awareness of young people’s experiences and challenging negative stereotypes
  • Disseminating information on good practice and offering training to Local Authorities and other services providers
  • Lobby for changes in laws and practice that negatively impact on young people

To create a replicable and cost-effective model of good practice for agencies involved in the care of young people by:

  •  Using the principles of co-production in the shaping and delivery of our services – seeing young people as assets and focusing on what’s strong, not wrong; seeing young people as valuable citizens and contributors; building on young people’s capabilities and developing potential
  • Adding value through our volunteer programme to provide mentoring, own-language support and links to the local community and providing young people with volunteering opportunities
  • Ensuring our work delivers value for money by developing solutions with young people, rather than doing things to and for them, that they don’t want or need