Our Outcomes

We support young people at risk of experiencing poor outcomes and have a proven track record of success using outcomes tools such as Outcome Star, Accredited Pre-Tenancy Training Awards. Young people leave our service more prepared for Independence than when they entered it. Our key working sessions use SMART goals and we use Individual Action Plans with targets set by the young people to ensure all our work is informed by the wishes of the young person and they can easily track their own progress.

In 2016 PTI UK reviewed our organisational aims with our young people. Using the techniques and principles of co-production young people were supported to share what was important to them.

Young people tell us that what is most important to them is that they:

– Feel safe

– Have increased social connections

– Feel valued and have a sense of belonging as part of a community

– Have increased self-confidence and agency

These outcomes inform our service delivery and design.