About Us

PTI UK is a leading Provider of Specialist Support, Accommodation, Information and Training services for young people leaving care and seeking asylum (UASC) aged 16 to 25, across the South East of England. 

We are a small, person-centred organisation that cares about young people. We have a track record of success and have supported over 500 young people since inception in 2004. Our work spans social purpose business and not-for-profit activities

We have a history of not giving up on young people. We have built productive, long-term relationships with young people who have been unable to settle elsewhere. This comes down to three factors: the strength of our staff, our specialist knowledge and methods of care

We have a 14-year service history working with Local Authorities providing a mixed portfolio of specialist accommodation, ranging from single to shared units, across a wide range of needs, from low-medium-enhanced. We also provide support-only options for young people living in the community / foster care / other placements. We currently offer 60 placements for UASC and care leavers in our specialist semi-independent homes in Sussex, Surrey and Greater London

We personalise our services and have a range of accommodation and support models to suit young people at different stages with clear pathways to achieve their goals.

Support packages include:

  • Newly arrived asylum-seeking children aged 16 – 18 within our specialist new arrivals service
  • Supported accommodation, Care Leavers service and preparation for independence for young people aged 16-21 within our trainee tenants service
  • A dedicated advocacy and support service for victims of trafficking
  • Triple Track planning and trauma-informed support for young people facing uncertain outcomes
  • Dedicated female-only accommodation support service
  • NOCN Accredited training for all young people
  • Floating and Outreach support.
  • Independent Child trafficking Advocacy (ICTA) and Appropriate adult support coming soon!

“PTI is a successful organisation for supporting asylum seekers and refugees. They have proactive key workers who can develop working relationships from other services and with the young people. I also like that there is a base in both Croydon and Brighton as this widens the potential support that can be offered.”  Local Authority Personal Adviser

Our Ethos

We are well equipped to work with young people with complex needs and safeguarding issues. We have in-house expertise in CSE; trafficking; grooming and extremism; integration and trauma informed approaches to supporting young people with complex needs

The focus of our work is homelessness prevention and long-term independence. We focus is on young people’s progression from support to leading independent lives.

We aim to assist young people to make positive choices about their lives; in particular: independent living skills, education, training and work opportunities. We will offer information, advice, advocacy, training and support, and broker access to services that they may need, including good quality legal advice.

We have a strong ethos of person centred and empowerment practice. We use a strengths model and see all young people as individuals with potential, not deficit. We believe in Co-Production: young people are assets – strong not wrong

We are committed to positive outcomes and we work on an outcomes-based approach in order to ensure that young people leave the service more prepared for independent living. We use outcomes tools such as, Outcome Star; Smart Plans; Accredited Pre-Tenancy & Life-skills Training Awards.

Our outcomes reflect what young people themselves have told us matters most to them:

  • Young people feel safe
  • Young people have increased social connections
  • Young people feel valued and have a sense of belonging as part of a community
  • Young people have increased self-confidence and agency

We have a Community Interest Company. Pathways to Independence Housing Community Interest Company (UK). PTI UK CIC provides training and other voluntary and community activities for young people living in the community who may be experiencing disadvantage and isolation. Through our CIC we are able to reach a wider group of young people than come through formal referral streams. Recent activities include Global Social Club and Homework Clubs and gardening projects with Partners such as Hummingbird, Sanctuary on Sea and Hillsong

We are a lead organisation in UASC Good Practice. We have Home Office funding in partnership with the South East Strategic Partnership for Migration (SESPM) to deliver training for local authorities on triple track planning, and work with Triangle, the creators of Outcome Star – on the development of a UASC Outcome Star

Specialist UASC Training. We are committed to sharing good practice and can offer training to external organisations and foster carers on working with young people at all stages of the asylum process including: safeguarding for new arrivals; support though the legal process; trauma informed approaches to support and triple track planning including working with ARE young people and those at risk of detention.

UASC Good Practice Research.We are carrying out / involved in research regarding the National Transfer Scheme, Home Office evaluation of care and treatment of UASC, and strategic legal fund research into the impact of delays in UASC asylum decision making

PTI UK values and uses volunteers in its service delivery. Our Connect Volunteer Project has been co-designed with young refugees and aims to increase self-confidence and sense of belonging as part of a community, by increasing young refugees’ social connections. Community connectors meet young people for a few hours a week to do activities that increase social connections and confidence.

  • Our vision is of a world in which all young people are able to fulfil their potential and make the transition to independence and adult life.
  • Our mission is to provide advice and support for young people who have experienced disadvantage and isolation.
  • Our ambition is to develop a replicable and cost-effective model of good practice for agencies and individuals involved in the care of young people.

Our overarching objective is a better future for young people

One Future Different Pathways