Our Services

Supported accommodation for 16-21 year olds

We provide supported, semi-independent accommodation in shared, safe and good quality housing which includes the following services as part of the support package:

  • intensive one-on-one key-work
  • Accredited NOCN Level 1 Pre-Tenancy Training;
  • Outcomes Star Support.
  • ILS Training
  • Targeted EET support
  • Specialized UASC Programme including Triple Track Planning and Returns Work
  • A weekly drop-in to ‘top-up’ support
  • Mentoring / befriending support via our volunteer programme
  • Strong links to Refugee Community Organisations
  • 24 HOUR emergency support service

Newly arrived asylum seeking children aged 16 – 17

We have 12 years of experience of working with newly arrived asylum seeking children, and have supported hundreds of young people from day of arrival in the UK through to independent living or return. On top of the standard support package our service for new arrivals includes:

  • 24 pick up service
  • Assessment bed and support around age assessment process
  • Initial orientation and induction
  • Linking in with relevant health and mental health services
  • Information on the asylum process and referral to good quality solicitor
  • Support around engaging with the home office and entering the asylum system
  • Accessing specialist services such as family tracing; faith and cultural needs
  • Safeguarding protocols around potential victims of trafficking

All our staff are trained in safeguarding, trafficking, FGM and radicalisation and we have robust safeguarding policies in place to address these issues

We work closely with the local authority to ensure the relevant assessments are carried out in a timely manner and the young person’s needs are fully assessed and can be responded to.

Triple Track Planning and Returns work

At PTIUK we know that many of the young people we work with will face difficult decisions as they go through the asylum process and may not get the outcome they hoped for.

We support young people to fully engage in the asylum process and all potential outcomes, through the provision of impartial and non-directive advice.

We work closely with the local authority, refugee and community groups and solicitors to support young people through each stage of the process, encouraging them to make informed decisions about their lives and helping them build resilience.

If a young person has reached the end of the process and has exhausted all legal options to remain, we support them to plan for return which mitigates and risks they feel they might face; potential internal relocation and reintegration. The voice of the young person is central to this process and we work with them in a way that respects their wishes whilst helping them to make informed decisions about their future.

NOCN Accredited training for all young people

PTIUK is a registered training centre with the National Open College Network. We are able to provide accredited pre-tenancy training for all young people who are preparing to move on to independent living. We offer accredited training including budgeting; household maintenance and healthy living.

Floating and Outreach support

Our outreach service works with young people over a set period of time to achieve specific goals, such as building up independent living skills to prepare for move on or at times where more intensive support is needed around health, immigration or to prevent homelessness.

Training for foster carers and professionals

We are able to provide a training package for foster carers and other professionals working with UASC. This is part of our ongoing commitment to create a replicable model of good practice for agencies working with this client group. Please contact us for more details.