About Us

PTI UK is a Leading provider of accommodation, support and training services for young people leaving care and seeking asylum. We Work in Sussex and Greater London. We have worked with local authority teams since 2004, helping over 500 young people make the transition into independence. We have a Community Interest Company, with a mission of helping young people in the community experiencing disadvantage and isolation. We have excellent professional relationships with a wide range of statutory and third sector organisations.

We have a track record of supporting young people form diverse backgrounds including young people seeking asylum, young parents and young people leaving custody. We support young people at risk of experiencing poor outcomes.

We have a history of not giving up on young people. We have built productive. Long term relationships with young people who have been unable to settle elsewhere. This comes down to two factors: the strength of our staff and our specialist knowledge.

We personalise our services and have a range of accommodation and support models to suit young people at different stages with clear pathways to achieve their goals.

We use a best outcomes approach to support and encourage long term independence and realistic expectations. Young people leave our service more prepared for independent living and adult life than when they joined us.

We aim to assist young people make positive choices about their lives; in particular: independent living skills, education, training and work opportunities. We will offer information, advice, advocacy, training and support, and broker access to services that they may need.

We have a strong ethos of person centred practice, co-production and empowerment. We use a strengths model and see all young people as individuals with potential, not deficit. We believe in Co-Production: young people are assets. We encourage young people to be active in their community, challenging negative assumptions and encouraging pride and responsibility. The aim is to encourage a dynamic and effective transition to independence, and confidence to remain in independence: assisting young people to become welcome and valued members of the community, full and equal participants in society.

We build links between young people and the voluntary and community sector and work to the clear aim of reducing the causes of social exclusion among young people. We aim to positively assist their integration into mainstream society as they move towards independence. For asylum seeking young people in some circumstances, we help them to plan for possible return to their home country.

Young people describe us as a ‘safe and loving community’ and a ‘family’ and we have a strong ‘alumni’ of ex Pathways young people who are still in contact and involved with our service.

  • Our vision is of a world in which all young people are able to fulfil their potential and make the transition to independence and adult life.
  • Our mission is to provide advice and support for young people who have experienced disadvantage and isolation.
  • Our ambition is to develop a replicable and cost-effective model of good practice for agencies and individuals involved in the care of young people.
  • Our overarching objective is a better future for young people

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